How I can help you

  1. Development and coordination of new programming​

  2. Creative branding, concept design and design services​

  3. Event planning and execution​

  4. Customer and community relations​

  5. Research design​

  6. Prototyping and UX design



 Media Production   Public Speaking     Design Thinking    Branding 
 Research Design 
  Teaching & Coaching    Communication 


Photography & Graphic Design


August 2020

Master of Digital Media (MDM) | Ryerson University

The Master of Digital Media (MDM) program is an intensive, experiential and collaborative professional development opportunity focused on entrepreneurship, user experience/interaction design, physical computing and entertainment & experience design.

BA Creative Industries | Ryerson University

In completing the Creative Industries degree I have studied creative industries from a holistic perspective. Key themes included creative cities, intellectual property law, financial and project management, professional communication, leadership, collaboration, and more.

Portfolio of Work & Projects


Projects & Professional Development

Master's Thesis

A Portrait of AI

A Portrait of AI is a major research project that sought to identify trends in how artificial intelligence is visually represented in digital communication landscapes. It frames the ways that AI is assigned form for visual communication, which often manifests through robotics or AI narratives. The goal is to add to an existing conversation about the perceptions of AI and how said perceptions influence critical engagement with AI policy and innovation.

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Experience Design

Themed Entertainment

I am alumni of the Thrill Design Club at Ryerson University which is a group of engineers, designers, architects, and more. The group collaborates and competes in large design challenges about themed entertainment and experience design. I am also a member of the Themed entertainment Association as well as the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.

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Event Management

Event Management

I have experience creating, coordinating, and supporting events in entertainment, recruitment, and athletics and recreation. Examples include assisting press junkets and after parties at the Toronto International Film Festival, organizing and facilitating open houses for universities, and assisting in the execution of large athletic events hosted in the Mattamy Athletic Center (former Maple Leaf Gardens)

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Collaborative Proposals

Discover Atlantis

Discover Atlantis is a proposed indoor attraction integrated with touch-less technology, immersive design, and accessible features. It is intended for a collegiate setting where the development of it, from construction to operations, is integral to hands-on student learning experiences. It is intended for ongoing turnover of cohorts to ensure recurring quality educational value. This was a collaborative effort where I was responsible for foundational research, experience design, and project management alongside graphic designers and architects.

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Event Planning & Execution

Virtual Confrece: NeoNormal

NeoNormal: A Cultural Reset is a virtual conference created by the Master of Digital Media 7.0 cohort in 2020. The virtual event was ideated and organized entirely online with approximately 15 collaborators. I worked in the following teams to bring the event to life: community outreach and engagement, website technology, merchandise and content creation. I also moderated one of the panels. 

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Onboarding & Recruitment

I have created, marketed, budgeted and facilitated large recruitment events designed to share information and promote organizations. Two examples include open houses for the Faculty of Communication and Design, as well as large hiring carousels for athletic departments. I also have experience interviewing, selecting and onboarding staff for customer facing roles. 

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Curriculum Design

Experiential Programming

I play an integral role in creating a unique, revenue generating, and highly experiential program at San Diego State University. I created branding strategies and materials for digital and tactile communications including logos, info books, and style guides. I also collaborate with creative and administrative stakeholders holding varying priorities.

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UX Design

I have years of experience prototyping new products with user experience at the core, as well as for companies. Many projects I have worked on relate to gaming, online education and gamifying activities. 

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