At the intersection 

of communications, 

creative industries

experience design, 

and technology.


a bit about me

In Nicole’s undergraduate degree, she focused on management, business, professional communication, and media production in the context of creative industries. Nicole’s lifelong passion for the creative and performing arts, production, and design has guided her academic journey and fostered her entrepreneurial spirit. Her professional media and production background includes contemporary and competitive dance, theatre production, film production, post production, creative writing, marketing communications, photography, graphic design, and prototyping.


Nicole is currently working on a series of independent and interdisciplinary projects involving physical computing, themed attraction and experience design, artificial intelligence and science communication. She hopes to leverage her diverse range of competencies and expertise as a professional specializing in highly technical, immersive and experiential projects.

media production  research design 

 project management 

 branding   design services

 public speaking    recruitment 

 interaction design  community relations 

I help to connect creators, communities, and 

companies in entertainment, technology and experience design industries. 

I can help connect creators, communities and companies in entertainment and experience design fields. With years of experience designing programming, working in creative fields, and with creative teams, I am able to solve complex problems for dynamic groups of collaborators.


I also bring a forward thinking perspective as a tech enthusiast dedicated to entrepreneurial design. I aspire to intersect with highly technical innovations and creative production.